Some Christian Basics: Definitions

It might be helpful if I let y’all know how I use certain words. I’ll be adding to this list as I see a need. Some of these definitions will come up in future posts.

Bible, The

The Scriptural Word of God currently available to us. This includes our native language versions as well as the available Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts.

We no longer have the original manuscripts – some copying and translational errors have crept in. But over the centuries God has inspired many talented men to work with the available texts; I believe that today there are only tiny sections that are incomprehensible to us.


The words spoken and/or written by a prophet.


A man or woman who speaks for God. Very little of that which God reveals to a prophet will be foretelling of the future. Moses, for example, was a prophet – yet the five books attributed to him contain almost no foretelling.

In the Old Testament all those with special ministries were referred to as “seers” or “prophets.” In the New Testament these ministries have been split into categories by function.

Word of God, The

The Word of God contains no errors or contradictions. It includes:

  • Written Scripture as originally given to holy men of God
  • Words of God spoken by Prophets
  • Jesus Christ, the revealed Word