Yes, the Zimmerman Case Is About Race and Yes, it Matters

The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case has provided titillation for those jacked into the various media: television, YouTube, Twitter…

The history of the event is covered in Wikipedia.

What, I wondered, was the point of this media/government circus? Some people claim it was an open and shut case of white male privilege versus a poor oppressed black child. Others see it as a demonstration of the racism that permeates the “leadership” of the black community. The president appears to view the controversy as a platform for increasing his political credibility. Among the less thoughtful, the progressive (liberal) and neo-Nazi foot soldiers came to (verbal) blows.

But there are many things about the prosecution of George Zimmerman that make no sense to me. Originally the story hit the news as “white male racist profiles harmless black child and guns him down in cold blood.” With a name like Zimmerman, George was obviously an oppressor, a European white male.

But inconvenient facts quickly began to appear. George’s mother is Peruvian. George’s next-door neighbor is black. Zimmerman is a devout Roman Catholic and a volunteer for every good cause that comes along. Six weeks passed while the Sanford police chief refused to arrest Zimmerman; he believed it was a self-defense shooting.  The media could have simply dropped the incident into the circular file. 99.99% of the populace wouldn’t have noticed. Fewer would have cared.

Instead, the media doubled down on their coverage. George became a “white Hispanic.” Trayvon became a an innocent fourteen-year-old in a virginal white hoodie. The governor assigned a state’s attorney to the case. The FDLE (state police) joined in. The U.S. Justice department started looking into it. The FBI opened an investigation. President Obama became publicly involved.  The police chief was fired and replaced with one more amenable to arresting Zimmerman. Finally, Mr. Zimmerman was arrested by order of State Attorney Corey without even the minor safeguard of a grand jury indictment.

The Trial began 15 months after the shooting. The charge wasn’t manslaughter, but murder – a crime completely inconsistent with the facts. As the trial proceeded, almost every prosecution witness behaved as if he were in the pay of the defense team. By the time the jury began deliberations it was obvious—the prosecution case rested solely on emotion, not facts. The state’s prosecutors didn’t even manage to get a hung jury – the verdict was “not guilty on all charges.”

The whole incident tended to make the race baiters like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan look foolish. They got everything they wanted – except the verdict. They overrode the entire justice system and forced the trial of an apparently innocent man – and lost. Even the widely predicted protests and riots in the black community were halfhearted. George Zimmerman, rather than being exposed as a secret member of the KKK, came across as a nice guy who allowed his desire to help his neighbors overcome his common sense. Yes, he made some stupid mistakes. He had good intentions but “the road to hell…”

So what was really going on here?

The late president Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” Did the Zimmerman indictment and trial really go as planned? I suspect that it did.

First, I think it’s important to look at who George Zimmerman is. He is obviously a liberal – with the minor flaw he’s licensed to carry a concealed pistol (a cheap one, he’s no gun nut). He’s Roman Catholic – and almost 2/3 of Roman Catholics vote Democratic. He’s Hispanic, and more than 70% of all Hispanics voted for Pres. Obama in 2012. In the United States the Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination. Hispanics are the fastest-growing voting bloc. Mr. Zimmerman is the kind of person that both parties need to woo to retain power.

That, I think, is the moral of this story. The progressives in power (and I include the Republican Party in this group) were making a statement. The day of the black rabble-rousers is coming to a close. While blacks were useful pawns – their high crime rate, racism, and occasional riot help to keep the rest of the citizenry looking to the state for salvation – they no longer have a lock on the status of swing vote minority.

Ron Unz has an interesting theory. The whole post is worth reading but the theory begins about 2/3 of the way down at “The Hidden Motive for Heavy Immigration?” With strong circumstantial evidence, he proposes that the elites are encouraging immigration in order to displace blacks from the cities. Since most of the elites live and/or work in the big cities it’s to their advantage to try to reduce the crime rate. And young black men commit far more violent crimes than any other group.

Michael Bloomberg, fuehrer of New York City, proposed just such a plan on Meet the Press. He suggested that the way to rescue the badly run government of Detroit is to encourage immigrants to take up residence there. According to the 2010 Census, Detroit’s population is 83% black. Bloomberg’s plan would tend to displace African-Americans. He appears to think that this would be beneficial.

This sort of attitude shouldn’t be surprising: it fits perfectly with the progressive worldview. Their philosophical cornerstone is that human society, all of mankind, can be perfected by progressive government action. Many of them are convinced that every human behavior, thought, and instinct may be reshaped through government schools and media. In Russia it was called “the new Soviet man.” In Nazi Germany it was “Aryan racial purity.”

This idea goes back even further, to the nineteenth century in the United States and Great Britain. Part of the program, up through the 1930s, was eugenics—helping to “perfect” humanity by reducing the number of “undesirables.” The Nazis referred to the forced sterilization of mental defectives as “the Indiana procedure.” The United States led the way – we were the shining light for the whole world in the crusade to build a newer, more perfect humanity.

American progressives, formally called liberals, formerly called progressives, have worked hard for fifty years to turn young blacks into “new humanist men.” Program after program after program has been aimed at uplifting them to the new socialist ideal.

Every single program has backfired. In the late 50s and early 60s black unemployment was, if anything, lower than white unemployment. Most black children grew up in two-parent households. Crime rates in black neighborhoods were an order of magnitude lower than today’s.

But the problems obviously cannot be the fault of the liberal elite. Everything they did, they did with the best of intentions. They loved those Negroes like their own children – and look how those ingrates are treating their doting parents. Since the problems aren’t caused by progressive programs they must be the fault of African-Americans.

Progressive leaders have finally been forced to accept (quietly, with a heavy heart, only in private) that many American blacks are incorrigible. The rulers will never blame black people for their shortcomings: these were bred into them by slavery (mea culpa) and nurtured by Jim Crow laws (mea maxima culpa). We (liberal elites) don’t behave that way any more – but the damage is done. We will take up the white man’s burden and help them (using taxpayer money) as best we can. Sigh. We are so caring. Sniffle.

As an aside – the current president, Mr. Obama, is excluded from this analysis. With a black Kenyan father and a white Kansan mother he is not the descendent of slaves and is not a part of this “inferior” group.

George Zimmerman may be a type, a model for the new face of progressivism. He’s a kind and gentle liberal, a volunteer worker, a Democratic voter, who, when pushed, is fully justified in taking the life of an egregious example of an “inferior” race. African-Americans have been served notice. The elites don’t need you any more and are thinking about cutting you loose.

Welcome to the new eugenics. Charlie Darwin and Teddy Roosevelt would be proud.

Do I think the elites in the United States will set up concentration camps and begin euthanizing African-Americans? No, that’s not the American way. Our leadership will simply continue to encourage immigrants to displace blacks in city neighborhoods, in the workplace, and at the voting booth. The rulers will continue to speechify about their benevolent concern for the black community…

Many years ago author Jerry Pournelle came up with the idea of “Welfare Islands”  in his science fiction future history. These were designed to hold non-taxpaying citizens, rather like the reservations set up for the “benefit” of Native Americans. Perhaps this idea can be revived.

The Indian reservation plan didn’t work too well but this time will be different. Our intentions are pure.